And breathe some more.

Welcome to life, where you run many processes automatically. Taking control from inside takes time, effort and everyone can do it. Wake up and steer from the past into a new world of bliss. Its time to clean up our act – rewards are heavenly. Stop comparing or complaining and become part of the future. A clean, open and honest future.

Its been a hard time to figure out what is important to do.

Humankind is no teenager.

For centuries, blind faith has driven nations to war, violence, discrimination, slavery and built the society of automatons that we are today; and for just as long, it has been justified with lies. If you know better, act like it. Be honest, kind and be a part of a world you can trust.

Gather your children and folks. Prep your love. Its time to end poverty and criminality once and for all.  Its time to stop draining the planet for our own insecurities. The endgame has already begun ages ago and can only be won by positive allocation of energy.

Looking inside the shadow world of your mind and training towards heavenly freedom is a first step. Life will be endlessly awesome if you manage to overcome your old expectations. Overcoming your old NLP, strongly embedded over the years and reinforced by your peers, might seem impossible at first, yet every step on the way will leave you amazed.

When fasting might be a step to far for you and a vipassana seems extreme, have a look at what makes your world. Overcome the base programme of your lipstick-fear-of-missing-out and get in touch with the spirited drive inside of you. The current desires you have already all dance around the pure core of love inside. Shaping one self into the most beautiful version of the self is almost every personal trainer’s goal, the core concept of many believes and one of life’s biggest rewards. Look anew, from deep within, onto a world that was always there. Train your senses and their automated protocol to become yours again.

We need all people – especially those strongly devoted to the practice of business or religion – to open up and allow their fellow members to become great people of Earth all together.

We dont think you need more news – maybe some technical guidelines for the cleansing of negative morals.